SGT Bylaws

Willard B. Hage Elementary School

Site Governance Team


Purpose and Scope

The purpose of the Site Governance Team is to empower the staff, parents and students - to make long-range decisions and changes that will promote student academic, social and physical growth. This is accomplished through shared decision-making. Shared decision making allows for flexibility and assures accountability. It fosters positive communication, collaboration and positive consensus. The goal of shared decision-making is to improve the quality of the learning experience and the learning outcomes of students, to improve the quality of education, to enhance working conditions of employees and improve communications and involvement of the parents and community.

Participants - Size and Representation

The Site Governance Team shall consist of 50% SDEA unit members, 7 teachers, (including the site representative), 35% parents and community members, 5, (including at least 3 parents), 15% others, 2, (including the CSEA representative and the principal). The team shall make a concerted effort to achieve diversity among their membership.

Terms of Office

The term of office for each member is for two years. On or about the first day of October of each year, new members will be elected to the Site Governance Team. The new members will take office as of the first meeting of the current school year. Members may be elected to consecutive terms of office. The SGT shall elect a chairperson at the beginning of each term.

On or about the first day of September of each year, candidates will place their names on a ballot at a meeting of their constituents. Association representatives shall be selected under the rules of the association. For parents, a nomination form will be distributed and names on the ballots will reflect those on returned nomination forms.

Should a constituency group representative find it necessary to miss a scheduled meeting, he/she may send a designated alternate representative to carry forward the vote of the group at that meeting.

Should a vacancy occur, the alternate shall replace a SGT representative, except in the case of the principal and association representative.


Meeting Schedule

While school is in session, meetings may be held monthly within a minimum of eight meetings. Other meetings may occur as needed.


Agenda items can be referred in writing to the chairperson and principal one week prior to the meeting. Items can be added to the agenda at the meeting with the consent of the body. Agendas will be distributed to all staff and committee members on Monday prior to the meeting. The publication of the minutes of the meeting will take place no more than ten days after the meeting.


A quorum, for the purpose of conducting the business of the Site Governance Team, shall be a simple majority (51%) of the designated/elected members of the committee.

Focus Groups

The Site Governance Team shall establish focus groups as is deemed necessary. They shall perform their responsibilities, conduct research and propose recommendations in their respective areas.


Scope of Authority

Each member is an equal voting member of the team. An alternate has a vote if the representative is absent. The chairperson votes only in case of a tie.

The principal's role is spokesperson representing total staff and governance team decisions to the district office. Additionally, the principal is a spokesperson for the district, representing district guidelines and mandates to total staff and the governance team.

While it is recognized that the principal has the right to schedule/assign staff and manage the site budget, principals and governance teams should operate in accordance with the following specifications in the three areas of scheduling/assignments, staffing and budget.

The governance team, in collaboration with the principal, develops direction, parameters and policies for scheduling/assignments, for staffing and for a budget that focuses on student achievement; involves stakeholders, ensures equity, and uses the decision-making process agreed to by the site. The principal has the responsibility for site implementation of Ed. Code; contract, policy and procedural requirements including scope of Board approved job descriptions.

Scheduling Assignments

The principal provides information to the governance team. Based on needs/data, the principal determines schedules/assignments in collaboration with governance team/staff.

Staffing (certificated and classified)

The principal provides information on enrollment, staffing needs and other data. The governance team provides representation and/or provides input regarding posting, setting criteria, interviewing and selection. Based on the needs/data, the principal reaches consensus with the interview panel and selects staff. The principal may eiatedeviate from the collaboratyivecollaborative staffing process for compelling reasons (e.g., late posting, language diversity).

The interview panel will consist of five members to include:

  • Adminsitrator
  • Teacher at posted grade level
  • Teacher at level above posted grade (with the exception of fifth grade)
  • Teacher at level below posted grade (with the exception of kindergarten)
  • SGT parent

(A minimum of three panel members must be on the SGT)


The governance team studies student achievement data and develops criteria. The principal gives information to the governance team on the site budgets and educates the governance team about how the budget works. The principal and governance team representatives determine and approve overall "budget directions." The principal makes the "day to day" decisions in concert with the site's "budget directions." The principal may deviate from the collaborative budget process for compelling reasons. Finally, the principal monitors implementation.

Decision-Making Process

Areas of decision-making (to include, but not be limited to):

  • Instructional Calendar and Schedule
  • Curriculum
  • Staff/Professional Development
  • Teacher Assignments/Resource Allocation
  • Involvement in Staff Selection
  • Accountability
  • Site Budget Expenditures

Decisions with school-wide implications shall be made in accordance with the following process:

  1. The Site Governance Team discusses issue, formulates issue in clear and concise language.
  2. Issue is submitted to entire school staff and appropriate parent groups for input.
  3. The Site Governance Team, following input as required in "2" above, shall make the decision. Decisions by the governance team will be made primarily by consensus.
  4. Any decision arrived at by majority vote of a quorum of the Site Governance Team, after following the decision-making process shall be final. The Site Governance Team will make decisions by a 2/3 vote if consensus cannot be reached.
  5. If a consensus or a 2/3 majority vote cannot be reached by the Site Governance Team, then the issue will be tabled and redirected to the Focus Group for further solutions.

Decisions by this body to uphold or deny the principal's dissent, shall be made by majority vote. Issues should be resolved expeditiously.

Dispute Resolution

The dispute resolution relating to interpretation and/or application of the site governance document, NOT for appealing disagreements with decisions made in accordance with the site decision-making procedures may include, but not be limited to:

  • Calling a halt to a discussion.
  • Calling a five minute break.
  • Caucusing with individuals/group.
  • Mediation.
  • Arbitration.
  • Direct unresolved issues to a Focus Group for possible solutions.

Amendment Process

This document may be amended in accordance with the following procedure:

An amendment may be presented by any committee member at a meeting of the committee.

The amendment shall be distributed to the constituent groups for discussion.

Following the discussion set forth in "2" above, amendments to this document must be approved in the same manner as addressed in the decision-making process.


The decisions of the Site Governance Team are to improve the quality of the learning experience and learning outcomes for students, as documented by the Single Plan for Student Achievement.


In the implementation of this procedure, no person(s) shall be discriminated against, based upon race, creed, religion, gender, ethnicity, age, marital status or sexual orientation or disability.


This process shall apply to all programs within school services division and all other divisions as appropriate. This document in no way diminishes the legal authority of Hage School Site Council or any other group.


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